Hey guys,

we are Sabrina and Andreas. We have been a couple for over 2 years now and have been traveling a lot so far on our own and with friends and family. But since we have been together, we take every opportunity to leaveour 9to5 life behind and explore the world. We always try to get to know new regions of the world and see something new and special.

We both live in Essen, Germany, together with the most beautiful and smartest dog in the world, our Schoko. And even though he can not accompany us on really many trips because of his fear of flying, in our hearts he is always with us.

If we travel we like to do it through less developed countries to widen our horizons and simply experience a strong contrast to the usual western luxury. If you are caught in the rat race a look “from the outside” can be quite relaxing.


But we also like to travel to interesting (and not so distant) countries like Norway, as we are extreme nature lovers in the depths of our hearts. Nevertheless, city trips and trips to “standard” destinations such as Ibiza are also on our list.

In this blog we try to tell you something about our passion. Apart from our personal experiences, we also give practical tips here and there, which can be useful when researching a new travel destination. So maybe we can help you with your journey with our little Blog. That would be great!

In the end, it’s also a kind of diary for us to put our experiences on paper. Who knows what you can remember in your old age. Since such a blog can be quite helpful.

If you have any questions or suggestions or just want to say hello, we would appreciate a comment, a like or an email.

Hope to see you somewhere around the world.


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